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FinCast is a set of applications for various devices whose task is to provide the user with information about the current exchange rates of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus (at this moment, the project is focused primarily on the audience of users from the Republic of Belarus, however, if necessary, it can be updated for other countries), as well as forecasting short-term and long-term exchange rates for the main basket of currencies.

Current product status: Alpha testing
Product Perspective: The project will be put up for sale as a promising solution in the fintech area, ready for sale to end users.

The project is a software package for both client devices (smartphones and a web version for browsers), and analytical software for data processing servers.

The user will have access to any of the following methods of interaction with the software product:

  • iOS applications for iPhone or iPad
  • wathOS application for Apple Watch
  • Apple TV application
  • Web application

After the transition of the project to beta testing status, we will be able to provide all those interested in purchasing this project / product with a more detailed description, with the exception of technical details, as well as algorithms for calculating and predicting market situations.

Due to the fact that this information is confidential and directly represents the main value of the project, the buyer of the project can acquire full access to this information only immediately after the completion of the project acquisition procedure.

To date, we are considering several ways to sell and payback this product / project:

  • launch of the project as a proprietary product within iLterra (the product does not go on sale)
  • sale of the project project at the alpha / beta testing stage or after the main release (project sale)
  • sale of rights to this project with the conclusion of an agreement on the further development of the project by ilTerra (product sale)

If you are interested in acquiring this project right now, you can contact us at one of the following email addresses: or

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