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Identify cloud locations and other sky objects with SkyReg! Perfect for pilots, meteorologists, and sky watchers. Point, snap, and learn more about the sky!


SkyReg is a powerful app for identifying the locations of sky objects, such as clouds, using your smartphone’s camera. Ideal for pilots, meteorologists, and anyone interested in sky observation or weather control.

Key Features of SkyReg:

  • Cloud Identification: Point your smartphone camera at a cloud, snap a photo, and the app will classify the cloud and calculate its approximate location on the map.
  • Cloud Classification: The app uses a built-in machine learning model to determine the type of cloud.
  • Height and Distance Calculation: Find out the height of the cloud and its distance from your current location.
  • Location of Other Objects: SkyReg can also determine the location of any other objects if you know their height. Simply point the camera at the object and enter its height in the app.

Who Should Use SkyReg:

  • Pilots: Quickly and accurately identify clouds and other sky objects to assist in flight planning and navigation.
  • Meteorologists: Use the app to monitor clouds and other weather phenomena.
  • Sky Enthusiasts: Learn more about the clouds above you and how far they are from you.
  • Weather Enthusiasts: Interested in weather? SkyReg helps you find out how far away that big dark cloud is and whether you should expect rain.

How to Use SkyReg:

  1. Open the app and point the camera at the object of interest.
  2. Press the button to capture a photo.
  3. The app will classify the object and show its location on the map.
  4. If targeting an object with a known height, simply enter this height, and SkyReg will calculate its position.


  • Intuitive interface.
  • Fast and accurate cloud identification.
  • Support for other sky objects.
  • Map showing your current location and object locations.

SkyReg is your reliable assistant for identifying sky objects. Learn more about the sky above you and become a true cloud expert with SkyReg!

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