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  • StealthSafe: A Pioneering Solution for Data Security and Compliance
    10.01.2024 No Comments Category: StealthSafe is a versatile application designed for the secure storage of confidential data, including login credentials, passwords, and one-time authorization tokens. It empowers users to choose the type of data they store, providing unparalleled flexibility and control. Key Advantages: Full Functionality at No Cost: StealthSafe offers its entire range of features for free, with

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  • Pioneer Trigger
    22.10.2022 No Comments A mobile application for devices based on iOS operating systems that solves the problems of automated monitoring of the surrounding space. The application is able to solve many problems from completely different areas of life and activity, for example:: protection of territory and propertychild control (a kind of analogue of a babysitter radio)pet control Territory

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  • AIDI – Artificial Intelligence Data Identification
    20.05.2021 No Comments AIDI is a progressive data type identification system based on machine learning. By default, AIDI is trained to identify basic data types (cities, phone numbers, email addresses, and so on), but as you use it, you yourself, without noticing it, will teach it to recognize more and more new types of data, and you do

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