Payment Policy

The User executing a payment transaction confirms that by accepting the Terms & Conditions, they authorize the payment services operator participating in the processing of such transaction to transfer the payer’s data to Company.

Changing the country of delivery, currency or language may impact the availability of offers and services as well as delivery options.

Payment for services provided by ILTERRA SP. (JDG ILTERRA ( YAUHEN PANIMATCHANKA )) (hereinafter referred to as the ILTERRA) is possible using the following methods:

  • Bank transfer to one of Ilterra’s settlement accounts (the account number is negotiated in advance and depends on the currency of the transfer, as well as the country of legal residence of the Client (customer))
  • Online payment using various payment methods (bank cards, instant payment systems, etc.). At the same time, the list of available payment methods may vary depending on the technical capabilities of the payment gateway (PayU S.A.), the region of the legal location of the payer and other factors. All processing activities are taken over by the payment gateway.

The policy of payment for services provided (or which WILL provided) by ILTERRA and the return of funds is determined by the Service Policy (Terms & Conditions). In addition, ILTERRA makes a refund only by mutual agreement of the parties, unless otherwise stipulated by additional agreements between the parties involved in the transaction. Reimbursement of funds written off for commissions of payment systems, banks and other intermediaries making transfers and funds is not provided.