Author: ilTerra

Author: ilTerra

12.06.2024 Mobile, Our Products ilTerra

Identify cloud locations and other sky objects with SkyReg! Perfect for pilots, meteorologists, and sky watchers. Point, snap, and learn more about the sky! About SkyReg is a powerful app for identifying the locations of sky objects, such as clouds, using your smartphone’s camera. Ideal for pilots, meteorologists, and anyone interested in sky observation or

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StealthSafe: A Pioneering Solution for Data Security and Compliance
10.01.2024 Mobile, Our Products ilTerra

Category: Key Advantages: StealthSafe’s dedication to security, privacy, and compliance makes it not just an application, but a comprehensive solution for anyone seeking to safeguard sensitive information in today’s data-driven world. It’s a tool that resonates profoundly with those aware of the gravity and implications of GDPR and HIPAA compliance, offering peace of mind and

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Pioneer Trigger
22.10.2022 Mobile, Our Products ilTerra

A mobile application for devices based on iOS operating systems that solves the problems of automated monitoring of the surrounding space. The application is able to solve many problems from completely different areas of life and activity, for example:: protection of territory and property child control (a kind of analogue of a babysitter radio) pet

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AIDI – Artificial Intelligence Data Identification
20.05.2021 Data Processing, Our Products ilTerra

AIDI is a progressive data type identification system based on machine learning. By default, AIDI is trained to identify basic data types (cities, phone numbers, email addresses, and so on), but as you use it, you yourself, without noticing it, will teach it to recognize more and more new types of data, and you do

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FinCast – information about subscriptions and purchases
26.01.2021 FinCast ilTerra

This article provides detailed information about the paid and free functionality of the Fincast application. The key feature of the application (for all platforms and versions) is the absence of ads. Basic (free functionality) Platform Version Description iOS (iPhone, iPad) >= 1.0 – Displaying the current exchange rate for 4 currencies from the basket of

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10.11.2020 Mobile, Our Products ilTerra

This application should be interesting for people who are fond of drawing, and those who, in between work, take a pencil or pen in hand and begin to draw various figures on paper without thinking about their meaning at all. Simetria will help you to abstract yourself from your daily routine, relax your mind and

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AVA Game
15.06.2020 Mobile, Our Products ilTerra

The game is based on real events and the laws of space. By playing this game you are trying to defeat not only your opponent, but also fight against the obstacles of an uncontrollable galaxy. At first glance it will seem to you that everything is simple and logical, but you should not forget that

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14.04.2020 DevOps, FinCast, Mobile, Our Products, Web ilTerra

FinCast is a set of applications for various devices whose task is to provide the user with information about the current exchange rates of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus (at this moment, the project is focused primarily on the audience of users from the Republic of Belarus, however, if necessary, it can

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FingerBall Game
05.12.2019 Mobile, Our Products ilTerra

About Game The game is a modified version of the classic, well-known football. However, there are a number of differences in it: You do not play for the team, but for yourself The winner is selected not only in case the match time expires, but also when one of the players reaches an account equal

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