How to start your project
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Tips for our customers:

Before you start selling your product, we suggest you take advantage of our tips. They will help you understand and understand what your product is. Namely, to figure out what the purpose of creation is, for which category of users it is designed, the type of product, and much more. Of course, if you don’t understand or have some difficulties in applying our tips, then you can contact us and we will be happy to help you!

Tip 1. You need to clearly present the idea of the project

It is important that you can describe your project in one sentence, and everything was clear.

Tip 2. Choose a fairly narrow niche, work in it

Today it is a basic principle in business, but for social projects this is important. Wide coverage is not suitable, it is necessary to narrow it down: not the environment in general, but a single territory, a separate aspect, a specific problem.

This will help not only in understanding the goals and objectives of the project, it will help explain the need for the project to the audience.

Tip 3. The idea should be inspiring

This is important for the audience. Interest in the project among consumers can be provoked by giving them some kind of emotions. This is important for engagement. Volunteers can be attracted by money and administrative means, or you can tell them about the idea of the project, and they themselves will want to help.

At the same time, you need to remember that emotions can be different, you need to choose the appropriate and constructive.

Tip 4. The audience of the project should be narrow and tangible.

These should be people united by one or more characteristics. It is important for you to know the characteristics of these people, their motivation.

Introducing the audience, it is easier to plan events, write texts. Let, for example, be fans of yellow socks. Maybe there will be only a thousand of them in the region, but this is your audience, about the problems of which you know.

Tip 5. Take extraordinary action. You need to be a media person.

Media play a big role. They help promote the project, build a reputation. Well-known projects, activists, organizations are more trusted – this is life. How to achieve fame?

There are different ways: you can become an expert in your sphere, become noticeable after actions and projects, organize something unusual, not the same as everyone else. Here is an example of a small experiment: blood tests in different laboratories gave different results.

Tip 6. Do what you like.

It’s easier to succeed. In this case, you can make more efforts, improvise and creatively solve problems. Your project will be part of your life – and this is good for the project.

Tip 7. You need to create background for your project.

Collect figures, facts, studies, evidence, newspaper clippings, take pictures, shoot videos – all kinds of information can be useful. You do not know now where it is useful, but at the right time it will happen!

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