Domain Seller Service

Did you know that if you already own a domain name for your current website, you have a serious advantage over other websites who are getting started on a brand new domain?

Well, you do!

While the most important factor used to determine your ranking on a search results page is the content on your site, a close runner-up is the number of high-quality links you have from other trusted websites back to your own.

Let’s break things down a little further…

Google uses more than 200 factors to determine how it’s going to rank a web page in their search results and when someone performs a search for one of your services, Google then uses that all of that information to decide if they’re going to show your website above your local competition.

If your website’s content is better equipped to answer the searcher’s query – i.e. longer, well-formatted, and including more relevant information – your website will likely be ranked higher up on that search results page than your competition.

But what happens when your website and your competitor’s website can both provide equally relevant solutions to the query?

That’s when Google takes the reigns and uses other factors to decide which website is likely going to provide that user with the exact information they’re looking for. Backlinks, or links from other trusted websites, are one of the next things Google looks at in cases such as this.

The longer you’ve had a domain name, the more backlinks you’ve likely built up over time – whether you know about them or not.

We suggest you choose and purchase one of our premium domains from us. We specially selected and launched them on the web long before then the start of sales so that they would become more SEO attractive and after their acquisition our client could promote his site as quickly as possible.

Why is it better to buy a domain from us than to buy a new domain elsewhere:

  • We sell domains only after they have been more than half a year old. Up to this point, domains go through the stage of development and promotion on the Internet on our servers.
  • Our domains are one of the shortest in the .com zone and at the same time their cost is affordable for most people.
  • We do not sacrifice the sound of the domain name to please its length. We offer domain names consisting of commonly used words, or having a convenient and well-remembered sound.