Two strongest natural blends to burn body fat and paunchy. tested  the components are  100% natural and stimulant free.


Two strongest natural blends burn body fat and paunchy.
tested  the components are  100% natural and stimulant free.

Number One 


Teaspoon crushed ginger + teaspoon ground cinnamon + teaspoon ground cumin + lemon juice.

How to prepare:

put cumin, ginger and cinnamon in a suitable vase.

Add them to the amount of a cup of water and put it on the fire until boiling mixture for 10 minutes.

leave to cool slightly.

Add the lemon juice to drink, and you can add a spoonful of honey.

You can have a cup  before eating meals daily, half an hour,that gives you feeling of fullness, and  eliminating  the accumulated body fat.


This wonderful mixture to burn fat is a component of natural herbs, but must be followed by a healthy vegetable and fruit diet, free of fats and proteins.

practicing any physical activity at home, even if just walking or exercises to move the body 15 minutes every day from your kitchen to your room, or a half hour  at less three times a week.



Number Two


Liters of water

Lemon juice (acid)

Preparation and Usage:

Add the lemon juice to the water  for a week to drink the cup of the mixture in the morning on an empty stomach and the rest drank at different intervals and regularly on the same day.

Three days later you will begin to notice the disappearance of fat, repeat this recipe a day in order to ensure a final disappearance of the abdomen.


Tips are working to burn belly fat

First: Drink water frequently.

Second: Avoid eating soft drinks.

Third: the diversification of food.

Fourth, eat slowly.

Fifth: Avoid eating junk food.

Sixth: movement.

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