How to Calm Yourself Down when You’re Nervous

You looking for calm and your life have become surrounded by nervous? Do you have many things to do in the same time? You have a lot of laundry, business ,homework? Well all of this and can not go to the beach or discernible vacation travel? So what is the solution?

those are simple things can make you more relax and calm


calm and relax


close your eyes

Closing eyes is comfortable and  the most easy to restore calmness and focus the means, if your day is full of trouble within the family or to work all you have is to reduce your eyelashes a bit.

Do simple massage to yourself

Massage helps to relax your hands is especially for people who spend a lot of time typing on the keyboard useful.,  in general can carry a lot of tension.

Rub your feet

doing Massage the feet is the fastest ways to help you relax

Look out of the window

Taking a break for five minutes, do not do nothing but stare out the window, you can look at nature such as trees and parks can be a lot of relaxation of watching TV, look out the window here means control of nature, not the neighbors

Brisk walking

When you feel overwhelmed or having difficulty of concentration ,go fast for a picnic and a little walk around the house or your place of business, this will help you avoid tension and assemble your thoughts easily.

Just five minutes from the psychological peace is all you need to reap the benefits of meditation. There is evidence has proven that just two quick bouts of silent meditation a day can relieve stress and depression, all you need is to find a comfortable and quiet and sit somewhere and focus on your of breath and calm and then you will feel that  stress is gone.


Just one box of chocolate can make you very calm and relaxed, specially the dark chocolate calm nerves and regulate stress hormone levels and help you on the psychological stability.

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