The functioning of the lithium-ion lithium-ion batteries used by the Samsung Galaxy Note Phone 7

Samsung Exploded battery Note 7

Samsung Exploded battery Note 7

Use the Samsung Galaxy Note phones 7 as both phones and modern portable devices traded between users Li-ion lithium-ion battery, which is a rechargeable battery, works by movement of ions lithium carrier electric charge between the poles of the anode and cathode, who represent polar negative and positive. During the charging process moves these ions from the anode – cathode to cathode – anode, while in the case of use and discharge  lithium ions in the opposite direction.

To ensure the battery work well and without problems, manufacturers are tempted to isolate the two poles of the anode and the cathode connectors from each other, where it is not supposed to Eetmasa. And that if, for any reason, whether it is an error in manufacturing or other, it is possible to cause the explosion of the battery or at best only juggler.

What is the problem in the Samsung Galaxy Note batteries 7 and why burn and explode

With regard to the problem happening with the Galaxy Note phone batteries 7, there is no study or formal investigation shows the cause of ignition and explosion definitively. All that there is some hints issued by Samsung, which is trying as much as possible from which to mitigate the uproar which raised the subject, such as “there is rarely an error occurred during the manufacturing phase.” The thing that opens the door of speculation and assumptions wide.

When talking about the electronic components in general, most of the ingredients used in modern appliances temperature rise during the functioning intensely. This is to a large extent is very unusual in a situation where the control is in the level of this heat, so they do not exceed a certain limit. But if this exceeds the limit set, it is possible that this will lead to combustion and ignition.

And the battery as one of the electronic components used in various modern devices, it is possible that are also subject to higher exaggerated temperature because of holds on a component malfunction, the thing that could lead to the burning of the internal components and ignition, or even explosion seriously as a warehouse energy.

Tim Baxter President of US Samsung

Tim Baxter President of US Samsung

Galaxy Note7 Recall – Facts-at-a-glance:

  1. 09/02/16: Samsung Announces Note7 battery cell issue and stop sale
  2. 09/09/16: Samsung and CPSC issue “power down and stop use” guidance
  3. 09/15/16 : CPSC voluntary recall announced
  4. 09/15/16: Device Check (IMEI) identification program launched
  5. 09/20/16: Firmware update released for new Galaxy Note7s and recalled devices
  6. 09/21/16: Over 500,000 new Note7 replacement devices available for exchange