how Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploded in The US!


Note 7 exploded and a burning leg

Note 7 explosions cause different properties damage and some injuries, Note 7 Voluntary Recall announced.
If you’re one of the users of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, so be careful about using The exploded Note 7 because that Maybe Will burn you, your house or your car … that exactly what happened in Florida couple days Ago a Commission Samsung responsible for the fires began an investigation into the circumstances of the burning jeep in the state of Florida, which was inside a phone Samsung Note 7, according to ABC News The incident occurred in the city of St. Petersburg, Florida on Monday 5 September 2016.

According to the statements of the owner of the car, the temperature of the car were not high, where the air conditioner was turned on. The exploded Note 7 is connected to a charger inside the car in the period in which the driver was away from his car, and when he returned he saw the car in flames, have been published pictures burning car on Facebook.


Strobel , 28 years old , from Boca Raton , he was in the Costco in Palm Beach Gardens on the ninth of September , when his machine exploded note 7 . The phone completely burned in his trousers and injury severe burns to his leg he suffered severe burns also in left thumb after he tried to take out the phone from lawsuit for damages is not specified value against medical bills , pain and suffering and other injuries alleged . The lawsuit was held in a court in Florida in Palm Beach County .
Last week the Federal Aviation Administration warned passengers not to turn on or charge the devices during flights — or even put them in checked baggage.
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